Meet the maker?

Meet the maker?

One of the girls below has felted your product…

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When you receive your products from Betterfelt, you will find a small embodied tag on it. This is our artisans personal signature, that vouch for the quality and make you able to meet her beneath this text:

Betterfelt is Fair Trade Importer.

It has from the beginning been our motivation to create a woodworking environment for our employees, and fair salary is basic.

Our artisans, (almost all female), is having a salary equivalent to a male skilled worker or public teacher i Kathmandu. She has 34 paid holydays and an extra months salary during their festivals in the autumn. 
Finally she has a 10% saving on top of her salary and the right for 45 days paid maternity leave.

Unik signaturI betragtning af at allerede har formuleret en vision, som klart fortæller alle sine medarbejdere hvilken virksomhed de arbejder i, anerkender vi, at levevilkårene og mulighederne for ufaglærte og kvindelige arbejdere i Nepal er mere begrænsede end de er i resten af Verden.

Therefore, we also recognize the need for extra help to our employees in certain aspects of life, even if such assistance is rarely considered to be the employer's responsibility.

Thus we pay a contribution to the education of our employees' children. This means that all employees have received a cash grant for each child equivalent to the cost of public school.

But not only the children should be educated. We as employers need trained staff, and especially English-speaking staff, so we can communicate with the whole staff, not just management. Therefore, we offered free English courses for all staff. For those who can not read and write, we offer training in these skills first.

Meet the maker?